Puppies Trapped in Pool of Tar Unable to Move


A remarkable stories who somehow managed to survive being stuck in a pool of solid tar is making headlines all over the world as we speak, both for their incredible resilience and that happy ending that many animals don’t get to see.

These cuties were found stuck in tar and were unable to move for hours. All they could do was cry for help.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India answered the calls of the worried locals — and it was not an easy task as the tar was almost rock solid.The cries of the poor puppies pierced my heart, but the rescuers knew they had to act fast.

In order to remove the sticky black substance out of their fur, they had to soften it with oil massages.

It took days, but thanks to the dedication of these wonderful rescuers the puppies were eventually freed from their tar prisons.

Not only did the puppies survive, but to give this story the perfect ending, the rescuers found their mama too! Just WATCH this incredibly heartwarming reunion at 5:03 BELOW and share this amazing rescue with your friends and family.