Puppy Given As A Gift Ends Up Alone On The Streets


A man found the dog and was going to return to its owner. But he said that the dog does not need them. Volunteers save dogs from abuse and bad content – you can see it in the video. If you have always dreamed of a dog or a cat, but did not dare to have them, this article is for you.

In Kiev, there are several initiatives that help to attach homeless animals. Rescue, treat, arrange fairs and marathons, place posts in social networks and as a result – find them owners. And then control the conditions of the Pets in the new house.

Looking at dogs from the perspective of science, we see that some of our information about them is completely inaccurate; some things that seemed infallible is correct, on closer inspection turn out to be questionable. And if you look at our dogs from another point of view — from the point of view of the dog — we will notice the nuances that people usually do not think.

So the best way to begin to comprehend the dog’s nature is to forget what we seem to know about it. The first thing to part with is anthropomorphism, likening animals to humans. We see, evaluate and try to predict the behavior of the dog from a biased, human point of view, giving it its own traits.

Ah of course, dogs like and lust, think and dreaming; they know and understand us, and also bored, are jealous and flow in despondency. If the dog is suffering watching us when we leave home for the day, the first thing we come to mind that she was saddened.