Puppy Watches Dad Fill His Food Bowl


Dad was about to feed his puppy, then all of a sudden fell on his face to the floor, but watch what puppy does. They only had begun their routine as dad and puppy entered the kitchen. Dad faithfully brought out the dog food while his puppy looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to eat.

Holding back with patience, the puppy demonstrates an incredible self-control. Though his mouth was drooling, his paws were itching to inch forward to the food bowl, and his eyes beheld the food that was oh-so-close, he held back. He knew what he was suppose to do.

The last piece of food dropped into the bowl, and dad fell on his face to the floor, and puppy followed his example. They bowed in reverence to God and prayed to thank Him for the food. This wasn’t a trick that dad taught his puppy, it was a habit that he himself wanted his puppy to do with him.

Asking for the blessing and nourishment of the food, puppy listened carefully before he took a single bite. Dad prays, “We are very grateful and appreciative for everything we have. Thank You, Lord, for everything.” What precious manners dad teaches puppy. There is truly so much to be thankful for.