Puppy Watches Dad Fill His Food Bowl


Showing gratitude for everything good in our lives is something that we often forget about.

Whether you’re a man or a dog, good manners, gratitude, and respect are mandatory in the family you are going to see in this video.

I’ve never seen a dog do this, but 11 week old Kahlua is not like other dogs.

Dad and his pup have a daily routine that involves saying grace before every meal. I knew that dogs if they are trained well, can hold back before they start eating, but to pray… that I could have never imagined it was possible.

Well, this cute little Labrador has shown me otherwise.

His dad brought the food, poured it in the bowl and then they both bowed down, put their hands and paws on the ground and he said their grace: “We are very grateful and appreciative for everything we have. Thank You, Lord, for everything”. Only then the smart pup started eating.

No matter where you stand on dogs and religion, you have to admit that with his paws in front of him like this, Kahlua looks simply adorable.