Rescue dog experiences a bed


12 years this babe spent in a small cage. All these years she was forced to give birth to puppies to its owner, who sold them. The person was only interested in her litter of puppies, and nothing more. Even when the dog started having terrible allergies and her body started to cover multiple ulcers, it was not confused and he did nothing…

Dr. Jeff from Rocky Mountain Vet saved her. First of all, they redeemed her. The number of open wounds on her stomach and legs and shocked them. The beauty had to dry with a Hairdryer, that would not harm her with a towel even more. Now there is a long process of rehabilitation and recovery. But the main thing that Lilly, as it was called, start a new life. All of her nightmares and the horrors left behind.

Ahead of only the love, care and a happy old age, full of joyful emotions and happiness. And Lilly got her first bed. This is a very touching moment, because she had never seen anything like it in all his 12 years of life. Saving one dog won’t change the world…but the world will surely change for that one dog. Do you take good care of your dog? What should be in the house where the dog lives.

Check that you meet the assessment of “loving master.” So you love dogs, you have two of them? Did you buy a double bed for them? And it is not necessary to justify the fact that dogs sleep with you in bed! Where else would they go, if they have their own cots! Love is better to prove not with words but with deeds! There is same dogs, which was lucky!