Rescue Dog Led Owners To Ditch Where Little Girl Was Hiding


On March 17, 2017, a 2-year-old dog named Peanut began barking incessantly. Her owners were surprised, as she was usually shy and reserved. She alerted her owners that she wanted to go outside. When they did let her out, she made a beeline to the field behind her house. This behavior alarmed them very much, so they followed her to see what was up.

They made a shocking discovery—a naked little girl was trembling and curled up into a ball. The little girl was immediately rushed to the hospital. They discovered later that she had been living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Peanut too had been a victim of abuse.

Perhaps that is why she felt such a strong need to help another being who went through what she had gone through. Peanut’s sixth sense really saved a life!

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