Rescue Dog’s Best Friend In The Whole World Is A Brick


Ariana Smoak was driving home from work one day when she saw a dog standing on the side of the street. She quickly pulled over to see if she could help her — and as soon as she did, a bunch of puppies suddenly came out of hiding, all incredibly sickly and in desperate need of help. The puppies and their mom were dirty and covered in fleas, and Smoak knew she couldn’t just leave them there, so she took the whole family home with her and cared for them for weeks. Smoak and her mom raised money to take them to the vet and get them the care they needed, and eventually the mom and her puppies found loving forever homes — all except for one.

“We found homes for everyone but Sunny and we fell in love with him so we ended up keeping him,” Smoak told The Dodo. “I wouldn’t change the experience for a thing.”

From the very beginning, Sunny has always been a goofy, lovable dog who just wants to be friends with everyone. He loves playing with his dog siblings and has lots and lots of toys, but his absolute favorite toy is very, very unusual. Smoak has a rug in her home that kept curling up, so to keep it flat, she placed a brick on the corner of the rug. It was only supposed to be a quick fix — until, for some reason, Sunny fell madly in love with the brick.

“He used to chew and lick it,” Smoak said. “Our other two dogs don’t care for it.”

As soon as Sunny discovered the brick, he was absolutely obsessed with it. He played with it whenever he got the chance, and while his family assumed he would eventually grow out of his obsession he never did.

“We just realized as he got bigger and bigger that he would lay with it and found comfort being around it, so we just keep that one on the rug for him,” Smoak said. “My mom and I are so used to it being there we don’t notice it.”

Now, Sunny still hangs out with his brick buddy all the time. It may seem weird to everyone else, but Sunny and the brick are growing up together, and he couldn’t be happier than when he’s hanging out with his unlikely friend. It may be quirky, but his family loves him and his brick for exactly who they are.
“He’s an absolute goofball,” Smoak said. “He’s always happy even when he’s in trouble. He’s super silly.”