Rescue Pit Bulls help 3 blind cats get back on their feet


You must check this cute animal family below! It seems that they don’t understand how dogs and cats can live without each other!

Love animals! They are much better than a lot of humans! They have big heart!

Three blind cats recently got a warm shoulder to cry on, but not from who you might expect. Sherry Stewart fosters animals from Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware. She’s brought home several blind foster cats to be looked after by her two rescue pit bulls, Frankie and Alfie. The two dogs have a sweet spot for taking care of their fellow rescue animals.

Recently, three cats, who all had to have their eyes removed due to various traumas, came home with Sherry. Bruce, Willis and Helen were immediately looked after by Frankie and Alfie. Bruce has discovered his favorite sleeping spot is on top of Frankie or Alfie.

Stewart and Frankie and Alfie have fostered 60 dogs and 22 cats over the past few years and the two dogs are always happy and welcoming to the animals who really need a friend and someone to lean on.

Fostering really does save lives. A lot of blood, sweat and tears, but thanks to foster Stephanie Lopata, this family will have a chance at a better life. The puppies are not available for adoption just yet.

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