Rescued dog doesn’t want to eat alone


Bonnie is a Chihuahua mix who was adopted from the Sato Project in Puerto Rico. The animal rescue has been around since 2011, rescuing dogs on Dead Dog Beach, a haunting name for a place where upwards of 1,600 dogs have been saved from a sure death alone and starving. The Sato Project works hard to bring systemic change to Puerto Rico through education and partnerships on the Island.

Fortunately for Bonnie, a family decided she was worth adopting, and now she lives with her best friend, Clyde, and her humans. And she loves the company of her family!

At meal time, Bonnie’s food gets put down first and then Clyde gets his share. Their “dad” separates the two dogs, probably so that Bonnie won’t feel like she has to compete for food like she did on Dead Dog Beach.

With a little space between the dogs, you’d think they would eat in peace. But Bonnie’s got other ideas!

Picking up her dish, she walks backwards to where Clyde is eating beside the refrigerator.

Backing all the way across the room, Bonnie puts her bowl down and only then does she happily eat her food. Maybe she feels safety lies in numbers, and she just doesn’t like to be alone. Of course, maybe it’s just a “Bonnie and Clyde” thing where you can’t have one without the other!

You’ll get a big kick out of seeing Bonnie racing backwards to place her bowl where she wants it to be, and I bet if you show your Facebook friends, they’ll laugh right along with you. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile! Don’t you agree?