Rescuers Spend Days Trying To Save Small Dog


Hope For Paws had one of their more challenging rescues when they were alerted to a small dog near the Los Angeles International Airport. They went out several days in a row, staying out until 3am in the morning, but Bellanca kept escaping. They even brought out another one of their rescues, Sephora, along to see if the dog would want to come and say “hello” but it didn’t work.

After seven failed attempts at saving Bellanca, Eldad Hagar wasn’t sure they would ever catch her. Then they discovered where Bellanca was sleeping – thick in the underbrush. “Her terrible fear and lack of trust was heartbreaking,” said Eldad in the video.

But watch what happens moments after Eldad manages to ensnare her. “It only took a bit of kindness and she became a different dog,” he wrote.