Rottweiler Who Lost All His Paws When A Puppy Gets A Second Chance To Walk Again


A 2-year-old Rottweiler named Brutus is getting a second chance after a traumatic event early in his life. After he got frostbite on all four of his feet as a puppy, his owner tried to amputate Brutus’ paws himself but instead permanently maimed him and left him without his paws.

Brutus was rescued and received prosthetics for his four legs. He is only the second dog in the U.S. to ever to have all four of his legs replaced by prosthetics. His artificial limbs were designed by OrthoPets, a company that helps several hundred pets every year. “Brutus is an amazing case of a beautiful dog who was dealt a short hand,” said Martin Kauffman, the founder of OrthoPets. “He can get out and do normal doggy things. And it just makes you feel so good.”

Brutus still has physical therapy so he gets his body accustomed to his limbs and hopes are that in the future so that he can run and play with other dogs.

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