See as This Funny Dog Lexi Who Is Not Allowed on Couch Tries to Bend the Rules


Lexie is the kind of dog that can win your heart at once, but her owner says that she suffers from allergies, that’s why she is forced to deny the canine a place on the couch. However, the pooch does not take the decision lightly, and when the lady tells her that she cannot get on the sofa for the second time in a row, the pet invents a clever scheme to break the rules and do what her heart desires.

She longs for the cozy place with the stubbornness of an animal, who is spoiled and pampered, but totally ignored when it comes to her favorite pastime. We are sure that Lexie would not be so perplexed about the whole deal if she was permitted to lounge in the living room for an hour, but since that doesn’t happen due to her owner having an allergy, we can only watch the dog’s hilarious attempts to get closer to the comfort zone.

She knows that she is going to be mildly scolded for this, yet she doesn’t stop her attempts to get into the forbidden territory and have the time of her life. This is something that doesn’t happen every day, but the owner says that they should always be ready in case the dog rushes forward to claim the place and jumps on the couch unexpectedly.

Lexie is generally mild and polite, but even the mellow pooches feel the urge to act naughty now and again. You will be laughing out loud when you see that the doggie continues to hug the couch even when she hears that the owner commands her to let go of it. Some of the animal lovers recommend buying a separate sleeping place for the pooch to feel comfortable, but we guess that this is not going to work in Lexie’s case.

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