See as This Funny Dog Lexi Who Is Not Allowed on Couch Tries to Bend the Rules


She is too willful to be doing what she is told, and yet she yearns for the sofa like it is the best place in the world. She is not going to accept the rules of the house as long as she sees the couch in front of her and judging by the video, we can say that some canines are just as sensitive as humans when it comes to their favorite spots.

They will do everything it takes to reach their goal, and Lexie’s persistence earned her a reputation of an energetic dog, who wants everything to be done her way. When that does not happen, however, she begins to panic, and the hilarious moments like the one below ensue.

The viewers are delighted to meet the clever pooch, and since the treasured couch is inches from her, she knows what she is doing when she reaches for it with her paws. There is something charming about the footage with Lexie playing the main part, and we hope that she finds another spot that will be just as alluring to her as the sofa that you are going to witness.

The dog hears the owner’s words, but it is hard to obey the commands that are coming from a parent if you are trying to reach for your dream. This is a tape that needs to get more views on the media, and if you are not watching it now, it’s time to press play and enjoy!