Senior Dog Dumped At Shelter In A Garbage Bag Because Owners Didn’t Want Blood In Their Car


When you take in a pet, you need to remember that they are a responsibility for a lifetime. They have feelings just like us, and need to be treated as family. Sadly, there are tons of people who abandon their dogs at old age. One dog was wrapped inside a plastic garbage bag, and it was her owners that put her there.

The 10-year-old dog named Blackie had a tumor on her tail that was bleeding, and they didn’t want blood to stain their car as they drove her to the local shelter. The dog’s owners pulled up to Carson Animal Shelter and simply left here there.“Blackie was surrendered because she was bleeding all over,” Kelly Smíšek, executive director of Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF), a rescue group based in San Diego, said.

Blackie was now homeless, so shelter staff placed Blackie inside the medical section of the shelter. Thankfully, Blackie didn’t need to stay there long. After seeing a video of Blackie, volunteers from FFF drove to Carson Animal Shelter to get the dog.Blackie had been through some tough times, but she never let is affect her bright personality.
“She is eager to please, curious and quickly finds her human’s side in times of uncertainty,” Smíšek said.

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