Service Dog Goes To Disneyland For Basic Training


Ace the friendly pooch was in training to become a very important canine companion. He was on the path to become a future guide dog with Guide Dogs of America and after graduating from the training program, Ace would be paired with a blind or visually impaired owner to help him or her gain increased mobility and independence in a life filled with darkness. Pups like Ace are placed with foster homes where “puppy raisers” teach basic obedience skills, shower the doggies with love and socialize them.

Ace was lucky enough to accompany his family to Disneyland one December. His foster parent Sandy Steinblums was working on the socializing aspect with Ace at a magical and very busy place. There are lots of people, noises, movement and triggers that could startle or distract Ace, but he handled it all like a champ. While Ace was practicing his manners and skills, he ran into someone he really admires.

Ace and his family had stumbled upon Ace’s four-legged idol, Pluto! Fortunately, Sandy had her camera ready and captured Ace’s precious response to meeting Pluto.

Admittedly, Ace had a moment of weakness and became completely awestruck when he laid eyes upon Pluto. He could not contain his excitement! The photos from this encounter have gone viral and dog lovers everywhere can’t help but “oooh” and “ahhhh” over them. Foster-handler Sandy explained that Ace actually had assumed the down/stay position after his moment of weakness and Pluto teasingly tried to bread Ace’s “stay.” But Ace had snapped back into service dog status and wasn’t budging again, even for his four-legged hero. Check out Ace’s absolutely adorable response when coming face-to-face with his favorite Disney character – it’s so cute!