She’s Too Sick To Even Move


There are so many tragic cases of animals in need that you come across every day, both on the internet and in real life. Stray dogs especially have to go through a lot of pain. Because of all of them are spayed or neutered, their populations increase and they might not all get access to basic needs like food, water and medical checkups. So many dogs die on the streets due to illness, and it’s really sad.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, has been doing some great work to help street dogs, who might not get help from other people.

They take on even the most hopeless cases, and really carry out miracles! The poor puppy in the following video was found on the brink of death, but the rescuers were determined to rescue her.

The puppy had passed out on the side of the road. She unable to move and was breathing rapidly. Just from a look, you could tell she was severely emaciated and was suffering from canine distemper, which is a very fatal illness among dogs. Despite being in so much pain, she still wagged her tail when she saw her rescuers. With constant care and love, she was able to eat and walk again by herself within 14 days!