Shelter Dog Receives A Gift From Adoptive Family


A dog from a shelter received an unexpected gift from a new mistress! At home it was no use… This unhappy dog has been living in the shelter for a long time. During this time, none of the visitors of the shelter did not want to take this dog to his house. But fortunately for it there was a hostess. Now they shared only a distance. This dog named Dora comes from Romania.

As it happens often, at home it turned out to be useless. But the mistress had as much in the UK. When the poor man was discovered, she was thin and her skin was covered with wounds and injuries. Long the dog was put in order, and then found her a wonderful family where she is looking forward to.

To brighten up the waiting time while preparing all the necessary documents for moving the dog to another country, her future mistress decided to please your pet with a nice gift. She sent for dogs huge box with different interesting things. Look at the reaction of the dog, it seems she understands that this is all for her! To the time waiting passes quickly, the new owner sent a special parcel for Dora.

In it toys, food, a letter full of love and affectionate words. Look, the dog understands everything! Every year millions of homeless animals are caught and put to sleep all over the world. According to the American animal protection organization The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), only in the United States every year about 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized — these are those who did not wait for their owner.