Shiba Inu reunited with her owner


The faithful dog didn’t recognize its owner. The American was hospitalized with severe complications after the flu, the man was on the verge of death. During the time spent in the hospital, he lost 22 kilograms. And the dog first didn’t recognize the owner.

Then he sniffed the men and recognized him. More than 10 thousand people loved the video of the happy meeting posted on the Internet. Any dog, regardless of its sizes and breed true to form behavior wolf. A dog that lives in the family, considers her pack.

In the pack there is a hierarchy, where one representative is more important than the other, in other words he is the leader of the pack. The higher the position of the animal in the hierarchy, the more rights and benefits. Usually the leader sets the rules and demands of their performance (dominates). He always goes the first, forcing rest to follow him.

The leader eats first. He can take food from other members of the pack. He is the initiator of all actions of the pack, whether it be game or hunting. He sleeps on the hills. In the familiar all the cartoon about Mowgli, the leader has always been on the high stone. The leader of the loud howls and barks, calling the pack when she got out of it, however, he begins to get nervous. All who are faced with the problem of destructive dog behavior at home during the absence of the owners, allowed her to behave this way.