Shih Tzu Puppies Take Their First Bath. How They Look After? So Adorable!


Cuteness overload! There’s nothing that melts our hearts more than tiny, adorable puppies. And who doesn’t love Shih Tzus? Those perfectly stubby legs, tiny wagging tails and that precious scruffy face is enough to soften even the iciest of hearts. What could possibly be cuter? The only thing that could be cuter than a Shih Tzu is a teeny little Shih Tzu puppy just after bath time!

We’ve all seen photos and videos of dogs after bath time that look absolutely miserable. They’re not happy being all wet and they’re just begging you to take them out of the tub! Giving your pup a bath can be a difficult process, especially if they hate being groomed!

When it comes to these little guys, this is not the case. It’s these little Shih Tzu babies first, and they are happier and fluffier than ever! These five little puppies could not be any more excited to be so squeaky clean. They are so ecstatic afterward, that they all run up to say hi to their mom laying on the couch, but they are so tiny that they can’t even jump up to reach her!

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