Soldier forced to leave stray dog he rescued in Iraq, reunites with him on the other side of earth


Soldiers are brave souls. They face so much hardships and difficulties, but they still keep going strong. Being sent off to foreign nations, away from the ones you love, is not an easy thing. On top of that, they are forced to face risks on the daily. It can be really hard, but love can bloom even in a battlefield, and that is exactly what happened to Ken Wyrsch, a soldier who was deployed to Iraq. Ken found love and support in a dog called Ollie.

Ken rescued Ollie as a stray dog. Their military base had raised the dog since he was a little puppy. When the military base was about to be shut down, it was good news for the soldiers. But it was bad news for Ollie. Ken knew Ollie wouldn’t have anywhere else to go. Stray animals were mistreated in the country, and Ollie wouldn’t have survived in such a situation. He knew he had to do something for the pooch. So he teamed with SPCA International and requested Ollie to be brought back to the USA.

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