South African lion cub sneaks up on unsuspecting dog


A dog named Honey and a white lion cub Kwanza live in a small Australian Darling Downs Zoo. When the cub was still very small, his mother had problems with feeding milk and her baby was taken to his zoo staff.

That’s when Kwanza met Hani. Now dog and a cub play together as best friends. A lion is an animal strong. Lions hunt in packs, in coordinated groups, and chase one chosen prey. Endurance in Lviv is a small – high speed only for short distances and try to get close to his victim before the attack. They also skillfully use natural environmental factors: for example, hunt at night, when their potential prey can not distinguish them well.

Lions are quietly sneaking up on a herd of ungulates, gradually reducing the distance. Usually the distance to the herd is 30 meters or less.

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