Stranger Tried To Take Little Girl Out Of Car


My father decided since childhood to teach the dog and child how to behave in the car. The founder of the breed himself studied the problems of breeding and maintaining the service qualities of the German shepherd, when dishonest businessmen were trying to breed dogs without the required expertise.

The result of the uncontrolled work became puppies with unstable mentality, abnormalities in physical development. Von Stephanitz was applied to the breed was going by the rules. For example, to improve the quality and uniformity of type dogs were commonly interbreed closely related species.

Really popular breed began in the 1920s, and the decline occurred in the period of world war II, when the society of Germany and the world was far away from the problems of breeding and improvement of all breeds of dogs.

In 1937, the Nazis actually removed from the case throughout his life, von Stephanitz died. And only in peace time, after the cessation of hostilities, the followers of his works has revived and preserved the crumbs of the breed, thanks to that German shepherds are the most popular in all countries.

Such dogs require an active lifestyle, so the owner should make with the German daily walks (preferably 2-3 times a day for at least 1 hour), outdoor games are mandatory.

Great if the dog owner is the possibility of attacks on nature (forest, Park, woods, etc.), these animals feel perfectly at will. It is best that this dog lived with a man who can give her plenty of time for walking.