Stubborn K-9 Officer Refuses To Clock In Until He Gets A Belly Rub


This is probably the cutest act of civil disobedience you’ll ever see. Jango Fett is a K-9 officer with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland, a Belgian Malinois whose high drive and strong work ethic makes him the perfect fit for detecting narcotics. Under normal circumstances, he’d do anything for his handler and partner, Deputy Ryan Costin, even take a bullet.

This peaceful protest takes place on a patch of grass outside Deputy Costin’s home, with his wife, Cassie, filming the hilarious scene from inside. And it goes on for the better part of two minutes, the deputy spending most it gesturing, cajoling, and all but pleading with his obstinate partner to just get in the car.

After about 20 seconds, it looks like this lazy Malinois is about to give in. He grudgingly worms his way up into a half-sitting position, takes a peek at the back seat, then quickly averts his eyes.