The Great Dane runs alongside the bike


Doctors will tell you that a little exercise is good for you. Even walking, even just a little bit each day, can have a positive impact on your health.

Veterinarians will also tell you that your dog needs exercise too – for the same reasons you do. It is good for their mind and body to be physically active. Of course, as with any new exercise regimen, you should check with your doctor and/or veterinarian before you begin.

When dad goes biking, he takes his Great Dane to run along beside him. And if Luther gets tired, he just hops in his wagon! What a great idea. ?

Oh, and there’s another tagging along for the ride… ? In this video, we see a dad going for a bike ride and his Great Dane, Luther, is running alongside.

At first, everything is good, the music is upbeat, and Luther is keeping up nicely. But, then the music slows, and Luther is exhausted. No worries – he has a wagon to jump into!

Take a look at this video!