The Military Dog Gets New Shoes


We’ve featured videos of soldiers reuniting with the dogs they befriended while they were deployed before, but this is the first time you can actually see how the bond is made.

Between patrols these soldiers and their dog Moira decided to have fun for a bit, and the video they made is so contagiously happy I’d watch it over and over again.

As you can imagine safety is the number one concern when you’re stationed in the war zone and it doesn’t just mean getting yourself protected from the bullets and grenades. There are other, often forgotten things that can harm you, especially if you’re a dog. It includes heat, dehydration and sharp rocks that can harm their paws.

These guys got their dog  Moira a set of brand new doggy boots so they put them on in order to protect her feet from coarse sand and by the looks of it she loved it even though she was kinda clumsy wearing them.

I guess it takes a period of adjustment before she learns how to be her old self again. Until then she looks hilarious trying to walk with these strange things on her paws.

I hope all of you get back home safely. You’re awesome.