They Call Him Well-Trained Dog


Ready to have your minds blown? First of all, the stunts this dog is performing so incredible I’m in awe how it’s physically possible for a dog to do it, let alone on command. Heck, he skateboards, he surfs, he jumps and even rides a scooter, and he does all of it with a big smile on his face.

This is Jumpy, the most well-trained dog I’ve ever seen.

If you have ever for a second doubted the intelligence of dogs, you need to see this video. It seems that we are only beginning to understand how smart these beautiful animals are. Who knew they could be trained to do so many things! It’s incredible!

Even though most people would say that intelligence, obedience and athleticism are the key to mastering these tricks, it takes a perfect combination of all three to become this good.

What impresses me the most though is a relationship he has with his trainer. That jump into his trainer’s arms nearly gave me a heart-attack.

Heck I know many people who can only wish their children are as well-trained as Jumpy

What you’ll see below is just a fraction of the things this dog genius can do. If you’re impressed as much as we are, hit that SHARE button.