They saved her while she was wandering with duct tape around her head and mouth


We love sharing stories with our readers that end happily for all involved. These posts where all the dogs we write about reiterate to us that there are good, caring people in this world who do know how to love and treat animals; with the dignity and respect they so deserve.

The police in Darlington County, South Carolina received an anonymous tip about a Great Dane wandering the street with duct tape around their head and face. After searching the area, the police found a beautiful dog in the horrid condition the caller described.

The deputies took the abandoned Great Dane who was later named Aurora, into their care. They removed the duct tape from around the sweet girl’s face and mouth and took her to the Darlington County Animal Shelter; so she could receive the proper care and treatment.

The shelter said on facebook: “Aurora is a one very lucky lady. She was found in time to be saved!” writes Darlington County Humane Society Rescue.

“A very poised, polite lady, she is still in a bit of [a] daze having been picked up yesterday morning by the Sheriff’s Department, with duct tape wrapped around her head and mouth.”

Despite being wrapped around her face for over a day and a half, the duct tape didn’t cause any permanent damage to Aurora’s face or circulation.

We still don’t know why someone would abuse such a beautiful lady. Neither do the Darlington County Sheriff’s department who are still on the hunt for those responsible.

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