This Bulldogs Get A Paddling Pool


As soon as summertime hits, most folks love to load up on sunscreen and hit the pool. Unfortunately, some people don’t react well to the sun and prefer to relax indoors. It would appear that bulldogs are one of them.

Well, this bulldog certainly realised the appeal of the inside after testing the waters with a little dip in his plastic paddling pool.

When this bulldog named Gus realises that life could be better spent indoors, he immediately drags his new plastic pool towards the open doors of the house.

Maybe Gus estimated that rain was coming, or maybe he was getting a bit too hot in the garden, either way, he was ready to head inside. But he wasn’t ready to leave the paddling pool behind!

With water splashing everywhere, stubborn ol’ Gus was not willing to leave his new watery treat behind.

Gus soon realises that the pool may be a struggle to get through the door. But as the famous saying goes; “if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

This bulldog is an inspiration to us all! You’re not going to watch him overcome this massive hurdle.

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