Tiny Bulldog Wants to Prove She’s Tough


If you know anything about puppies, then you’ll agree that these little animals are always blasting our minds with their cuteness – not to mention the obvious hilarity that comes with it!

You see, a puppy wants to appear as tough as the other big dogs, and they know they can’t do that if they don’t step up and actually prove it. One way to prove your toughness is to get up close and personal with a big entity, and the puppy in the video seems to get the idea quite well.

So here we’ve this cute little thing standing on the carpet while dad sits looking down at her. Well, this little canine seems to have somehow developed a superiority complex, so she stares up to dad and tries to scare him off. See how mean she looks as she barks up at him. These two must have quite a beef to deal with!

Watch the full video here and laugh your heart out. This little bulldog won’t give up! Be sure to SHARE this hilarious clip on Facebook and drop a comment too!