Tiny Puppy Sees A Great Dane


There are a lot of different dogs in the world. Some are gigantic; like the Mastiffs and St. Bernards, while others are really small; like the Maltese and Chihuahuas. But no matter what their size, all of them are faithful and loyal. Wait till you see what happens when one of these massive breeds meets a tiny one! You’ll melt for sure!

When this tiny Chihuahua puppy came across a Great Dane for the first time, both of their reactions is priceless to say the least! They are really curious about one another. The Chihuahua escaped from his kennel at the MuttShack Animal Rescue and Sasha the Great Dane showed more interest in him than the other canines around.

Their curiosity about one another is really cute!

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This video is definitely worth watching and then watching it over and over. It will take just a few minutes and you won’t regret the time spent on it.

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