Tiny Puppy Snuggles Up To Newborn


Dog is man’s best friend – this statement never gets old. Indeed, these animals are incredibly loyal to people. In addition, they are very intelligent and resourceful, which allows better interaction with the person. Dogs are not only friends, but also great helpers. They are specially trained to help blind and weak people.

But without special training, they are great help. Puppy, albeit a small, and sense of responsibility there are already. The dog is still very puppy and wants to sleep but dogging… Puppy trying not to sleep, and to protect the child. A very good dog and very smart. Will grow up best friends will! Quite often domestic dogs become fine nurses.

They are very fond of children, take care of them and look after, no matter what bad happens. And this happens even if the dog itself is still a child, or rather a puppy. This video is proof of the warm and unselfish friendship. The child falls asleep, and the puppy tries to guard his sleep.

Of course, the baby is not very good at it, because he is also willing to fall into the arms of Morpheus, but kept from last forces. Play with the puppy only when he wants to. To play quietly, not bringing the puppy to aggression. It is necessary to play with soft toys, throwing them in front of the puppy. You can only change the toy for another interesting toy or treat.