Tormented Dog Tears Himself And Runs Towards 12-Yr-Old


Why are people still capturing dogs for dog-fighting? Do these people even have hearts? I mean, why would anyone want to torture an innocent soul like Oogy?

Oogy was a cute mastiff, but his early life was a hell-hole. He lived in the captivity of a dog-fighting ring that forced him to bite other dogs. But although he did all that, Oogy was still a kind soul in the inside. At one point, the fighting became too severe and hurtful for him. He was left injured and hungry, locked up in a dirty cage. Luckily, the police showed up in time to save his life.

As he was being led out of the vet after treatment, he saw a boy. He jumped on him like an old friend!

Larry’s family was just out of the vet after seeing off their old cat, and now here was another cool pet ready to take over.  He was licking the kid’s face happily. All this dog wanted was some love. They adopted Oogy right there and then!

Watch this video for the full story. You’ll love it. Oogy lived a great life with the family.

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