Two Rescued Chihuahas


When on the street we meet strong, inflated men, they always seem to us so strong that it is difficult even to imagine how such a man can cry because of something. It even sounds unreal. But this is possible. And to bring a strong man to tears, maybe his dog. And best of two dogs.

Tiny and very cute Chihuahua is now safe and on the road to recovery after he was left for dead. The puppy was discovered earlier last week crying all alone in a dumpster on the campus of Santa Rosa College in California.

Both front legs of the dog were broken, and rushed to a local veterinary clinic for treatment. There she put two pink piece of plaster, each about the same size with the dog. But now the baby is back home. And she, along with your friend just bring your man to tears.

Chihuahua – small but quite cheeky dog is distinguished by its individuality and persistence. Chihuahua knows what she wants, and does everything to achieve the desired.

Despite its small size, the dog can be a great watchdog, and all thanks to the sonorous barking. It should be noted that the Chihuahua is a dog that actually broke into the show business. Many pop stars started to appear in front of cameras with this tiny dog.

In addition to the stars, owners of this breed are a lot of politicians and oligarchs, the pet has become an integral attributes of social events were held.