Watch This Mailman’s Surprising Reaction – To Five Dogs At A Front Gate


This mailman’s reaction to five dogs was recorded on camera..

It is common for mailmen to be at odds with dogs near the house’s front gates. Some dogs will bark upon seeing the mailman, causing them to approach the house hesitantly.

In Texas however, one mailman’s reaction will surely surprise you. A man named Aaron Hernandez lives in Texas with his family and their five dogs. Their dogs will often roam around in the front yard of their house so they will be the first thing any visitor will notice.

The family has also installed a home security camera which faces the front gate for security purposes. Little did Aaron Hernandez know that he would find a surprising footage on their security camera feed!

The video recorded showed a mailman approaching the house, causing all five dogs to put their front paws at the gate and wag their tails excitedly.

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