When His Human Fell Off A Tree And Went Unconscious, This Loyal Dog Refused To Leave His Side


We all have seen enough examples of a dog’s loyalty towards his human. Little Tony, however, shows a whole new level of loyalty when his dad gets seriously injured.

When Jesus Hueche fumbled from a tree six-feet-tall while pruning it and fell unconscious, it got everyone terrified, especially his dog, Tony. Little Tony couldn’t be more concerned after having witnessed the horrifying sight of his dead dad not moving. He was looking at his dad anxiously with his tiny forepaws on his still body when the paramedics reached to help Jesus. It moved the medical staff so much. One of them even clicked his pictures which quickly went viral online.

Tony was so worried about his dad that he refused to leave Jesus even when the medical experts were putting a neck brace on him. He was comforting him in his own way. Tony also wanted to go with his dad to the hospital but he couldn’t. He, unfortunately, was not allowed there, because of which he had to be separated from him for some time.

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