When you drink too much coffee


This tiny dog was rescued when he was still a puppy. And now he’s working as a therapist! Norbert took the family a tiny puppy. Then his hair was brown and she was Curling up. Today it is absolutely white and fluffy, but its size has not changed. This baby is so loved by people that he became an excellent therapist for them.

Norbert 7 years old, his weight – 1,36 kg. His tiny pink tongue always sticks out of his mouth, making it even more delicious. “I knew he was special, but I didn’t expect him to be a symbol of joy, hope, and inspiration to so many people,” Julie Staines, Norbert’s mom, said. Norbert has an innate ability to make everyone around him feel happy and at ease, and it is these qualities that help him heal people.

When he was a year old, he officially received the status of a therapist and worked in a nursing home and children’s hospital. Stanes has always wanted to publish a book with illustrations drawn by her mother, and since Norbert appeared, everything has started to come true.

The trio released their first book, Norbert: What Can Little me do?” The main idea of our first book isn’t necessarily to be big to mean anything,” said Staines. The book received nine awards, and today the family has a series of three illustrated books and plush toys Norbert. Money from each sold toy is donated to Marine Toys for Tots Foundation for children in need.