Woman Asks Dog to ‘Bark Softer’


Woman Asks Dog to ‘Bark Softer’ — What He Does Next Had Us Crying With Laughter

At Happiest we are huge animal lovers, and we DEFINITELY have a soft spot for dogs! I mean what’s not to love about them?

They are super smart, emotionally intelligent and they don’t miss a trick when food comes out the oven. Neither do I though to be fair..

The woman that appears in the video has a pretty special dog, a stunning Shiba Inu. She’s even managed to teach it a trick that will make EVERY dog owner green with envy.

You can watch as she tells her dog to bark, on hearing the loud back she says “a little softer” and just wait, you’re going to fall in love! If you enjoy the video as much as we did then please share with your friends!