Woman gives an Ice Cream to a small dog. But the big one eats it too fast! Funny!


WHAT WASTE of perfectly good food! He was only teaching her how it’s done properly! So you must check below that funny moment!

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friends. They love us unconditionally and make our life happier. We should remember that we take responsibility for pets. That is why we should take care of them properly. You will be amazed when you see how this woman spends time with her dogs.

It’s said eating slowly helps bring the taste and texture of foods to the foreground. But Cooper the Labrador certainly doesn’t care about being a culinary connoisseur, as a new video shows. Katie Gallegos from Clackamas County, Oregon, decided to take the pooch to a McDonald’s drive-thru for an ice cream with his pal Daisy. But while the small female pup takes a few ladylike licks, Cooper gobbles the rest of the cone up in one bite.

Cooper and Daisy are two dogs who are lucky to have a loving owner. The woman takes them regularly to McDonald’s in order to buy some ice-cream. Usually, she buys one ice-cream for both but always gives it to the smaller dog first. Do you want to know why? When people start watching the video, they feel bad for the Cooper until they see the ending.

Just watch the video, and you will be surprised by the reaction of the second dog. It is so hilarious! Daisy and Cooper enjoy a special treat from their owner while waiting patiently in the car! There’s a reason why Daisy gets first dibs on ice cream, and it isn’t because Cooper is a gentleman who lets his lady go first.

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