Woman Noticed Something Struggling in a Parking Lot


A dog abandoned in the rain, so strongly was frightened that was afraid to even move. If there is a portrait of despair, it was the dog, standing under the cold rain in front of a mini market of North Carolina.

She seemed disappointed in her life. Valinda Cortez was still wearing pajamas and sandals that Sunday morning when she stopped by the store and found a wet dog. “When I got out of the car, my heart shrank,” Cortes says. “This poor child was in the rain for a long time. She was freezing.” It was obvious to me that she was abandoned,” she adds.

The dog didn’t even shudder when Cortez put a blanket on her. And she didn’t flinch when the woman held out her hand. So Cortez decided not to move either. She stayed in the Parking lot with the trembling dog for over an hour, gradually gaining her trust. ”

Her coat was wet and tangled,” Cortes says. “Her front paw was cut. Her eyes were obviously infected. My heart was crying.” “I didn’t even think what I would do next.” She called her friend sue Massey.

Massey got to the place in 20 minutes, and together they met an animal control officer. Together they gently persuaded the dog to get into the car and took him to the shelter.

“People let her down, but I hope the warm blanket and the love I gave her will restore her faith in people,” Cortes says. We are pleased that Cassie was saved. Tell your friends about this story!