Woman Stands With Her Little Dachshund, When The Music Starts Keep Your Eyes On The Dog


The woman did not just come to dance, she took a Dachshund. Taxes are of two types: miniature and standard. The weight of a regular Dachshund can be from 7 to 14 kilograms, and a miniature – less than 5 kilograms.

Also, these dogs vary in the three types of coat: shorthaired, Wirehaired, longhaired. Representatives of all types of wool can have different color: plain, mottled, with light spots, etc. In principle, taxes proven themselves in the role of family dogs, the main thing to control to children, when playing with the dogs, not put them to inconvenience.

These dogs are perfectly adapted, is not particularly fastidious, so even single people and pensioners. Color Dachshund, as mentioned, very diverse.

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