Woman takes two heartbroken dogs to the park. Everything changes when the dogs realize who’s coming out of the car


“Everyday I have to wake up without my dogs is a strange day. Every day I don’t have to walk a dog is a wrong day.” So said this veteran from Afghanistan who had to move to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, his dogs were left behind. Temporarily.

That’s when Tia and Mariah stepped in to drive the dogs across California to be reunited with their war hero, Joshua.

Joshua suffered from PTSD, and his dogs were his lifeline. “They’re my dogs, they’re my pack, they’re my family!” he said.

Mariah met Joshua at a park to return his two dogs. As she sat waiting in the shade of a tree, the dogs looked around uncertainly.

But their demeanor changed drastically when Joshua’s car drove up and he got out. “Who’s that?” Mariah asked them. It was obvious from their wagging tails that they knew exactly who it was.

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