Woman Thought Her Dog Is Covered In Insect Bites


Hayden Howard noticed that her dog is unwell and took him to the vet to discover the unimaginable.

She was inside her home while her English Mastiff Jackson was happily playing in the backyard, just before she noticed that something is seriously wrong with him.

At first, Hayden thought that Jackson is covered in insect bites and couldn’t even imagine how horrifying the reality is.

Jackson was in fact covered in bullet holes after he was shot by a BB gun over 70 times.

”I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden told WXIN.

“There was one stuck under his eyelid, one in his ear, one in his knee, they were everywhere,” Hayden says.

The vet had to shave almost all of Jackson’s fur to take out the plastic shells. He removed 27 bullets in total and was forced to leave 20 where they were. Jackson had an additional 20 more bullet wounds all over his body.

The accident was reported to police, and it didn’t take before they found bullets and BB gun in a nearby yard. Jackson was shot by a neighbour who was already known to the police and had previous convictions for drug-related offences.

Despite his big trauma, Jackson is recovering well, according to Hayden.