World’s Worst Sheepdog Tries To Round Up Flock Of Sheep, Now Sit Back And Enjoy As Chaos Ensues


When you think of a sheepdog, you probably think of a large, spritely border collie rounding up the sheep. But on this farm, there’s a different doggy ruling the roost, and he comes in pint-sized form.

Nelson is a part-Norfolk terrier, so he may not be as big as a collie, but he certainly makes up for it in personality. The tiny sheepdog loves his job in East Sussex in England; although he may need a little more training. When Nelson attempts to round up the sheep, he ends up being the one bossed around as the flock of sheep chase him around the pasture.

Despite a flock of sheep chasing him, Nelson doesn’t seem the least bit bothered. He actually seems to be thoroughly enjoying it as his tail wags frantically. One sheep begins to chase after him and it’s not long before the whole flock is hot on the heels of Nelson.

The adorable pup joyously runs around in circles with the flock in pursuit. Although his methods may not seem the most normal, he still manages to get the sheep to follow his direction. So is Nelson actually the world’s worst sheepdog or is he double-bluffing us all? Perhaps, Nelson is actually the world’s cleverest sheepdog!

Watch the hilarious video below to see Nelson in action. It is impossible to watch this without a big smile on your face.