2 Bicyclists Get Chased By A Fast Ostrich, Captured Footage Leaves Millions In Hysterics


What would happen if an ostrich chases cyclists, who will win in this race? Who will be faster, and who will run out of strength before? Questions are very difficult, as it may seem at first glance.

Ostriches Emu speed reaches 50 kilometers per hour, and while running they can make giant leaps about 2,5 meters. However, the main characters of today’s video are extremely lucky: the ostrich chased them in time turned off the road, because it is not known what goals he pursued and how he behaved, catching up with people!

Emu — a large bird that looks very reminiscent of the ostrich. For this reason, previously called Emu Australian ostrich and attributed to the detachment of ostrich.

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