5-Year-Old Calls 911 For Dad


Kids can say and do the darnedest things, just like five-year-old Savannah whose absolutely adorable antics have gone viral. Savannah discovers her dad in medical distress and she knows to step in and help out.

The conversation Savannah has with the 911 dispatcher is hilarious! Her dad believes he is having a heart attack and calls 911.

But the pain is too intense and he cannot catch his breath, so little Savannah takes the phone. She reassures her dad that he will be okay and manages to remain miraculously calm for the duration of the 911 call.

Savannah tells the 911 dispatcher that her dad “can’t hardly breathe” and tells him that help needs to hurry up and get to their home. The dispatcher reassures her that help is on the way.

She turns and tells her poppa that he’ll be okay and help is coming. The dispatcher asks if the front door is unlocked, but Savannah doesn’t know, so she has to ask her dad that question.

When she discovers the door is locked, the dispatcher instructs her to unlock it for the emergency workers. But when Savannah realizes that strangers will be arriving in her home, it dawns on her that she and her dad are still wearing their pajamas.

She decides that she needs to change her clothes before the rescuers arrive. She tells the dispatcher that since she’s in a tank top, she needs to head to her room and get dressed.

But the dispatcher gently intervenes and tells her that she really needs to stay put with her dad. The dispatcher continually asks if her dad is awake and doing okay.

But sweet Savannah just can’t stop thinking about her attire. She really doesn’t want the emergency workers to see her in her jammies!

She tells him that “I don’t know what I’m gonna wear, but he really needs oxygen real fast.” Then she introduces the dispatcher to her dog LouLou who apparently likes to bark a lot, but is a friendly dog.

You have to listen to little Savannah’s sweet reassurances she issues to her dad throughout the 911 call and how funny it is when she segues into other arenas.