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Unique knowledge – secrets of longevity are of interest to all. Who does not want to live to 100 years in a clear mind and good health? Physicians, yogis, clergymen, as well as long-livers themselves do not hide personal observations. They willingly share recipes for achieving physical and spiritual harmony. We suggest considering the best options to develop your own line of conduct.

To stop the aging process, unfortunately, people are not able to, but to slow down its external and internal manifestations, having studied the secrets of longevity – completely. If a person lives in harmony with himself and his surroundings, he has much more chances to live up to 100 years than his interlocutor, who tramples on elementary rules of good-neighborliness and acts on ‘what if’.

Every person’s life is the result of how he sees and represents himself in the world around him, therefore one of the basic secrets of youth and longevity is the perception of information positively, without envy, anger. With this thinking, positive emotions accumulate. A person embraces enthusiasm, a cheerful mood and confidence in the future.

Longevity is confident – the quality of thoughts directly depends on the appearance, health. Holders of positive thinking are attractive to others, open to new opportunities. Their weapons are a valuable skill not to focus on small things. The joyful person sees the world in its beauty and harmony, than reaches internal comfort, that is, it comprehends one of the secrets of longevity. Physical activity for long-livers is a medicine that must be learned to dose correctly and apply.

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