A Dog And Horse Together


It turns out the dog can make friends not only with the cat. This case will really surprise you. Little puppy pit bull made friends with a huge horse! Despite the fact that pit bulls are famous for their bad, and sometimes aggressive nature, this kid is very kind. Look how cute they manage to communicate.

The puppy comes to the stable every day to make sure that his girlfriend is all right. They spend a lot of time together and communicate perfectly! Pit bulls have a reputation for being quite aggressive dogs, but in fact they have the biggest heart among all the representatives of the canine world.

Of course, sometimes they happen to be quite stubborn, which seems to make friendship impossible for Herbie the puppy and jabby the horse. But it turned out, in world there is nothing the impossible! This relationship started cool and Herbie just walked up and rubbed her muzzle on the horse.

But then it grew into a friendship worthy of a disney movie. Soon after the first meeting, the puppy began to play with the horse. He hopped around her, trying to climb over the reins, jabbie for the away team up. Several times, the dog fell, but the horse is not scared. Every minute she is less able to resist this sweet puppy. And in the end, the horse lowered its snout and let Herbie lick it.