A Parrot Sings in a Voice


This singing bird is better than some professional performers, and when you hear him belt out the words for the first time, you will be overjoyed. Imagine having a fellow like this one around the house and you will understand how complicated it is to raise a parrot, who is very sensitive when it comes to singing and vocal performances.

Breeds like parakeets and budgies can often get the humans confused, because they are the perfect imitators, but we have never known that a parrot can sing just like a pop star. The music experts claim that he has a vibrato to his tone that slightly resembles Britney Spears and her vocals, and you are going to receive proof of this as soon as you watch the clip.

The parrot is leaving it all out before the viewers, and he is singing like he has a large audience in front of him. Although his owners say that their best friend may get a little annoying, especially in the morning, we are sure that he is a perfect addition to the family and can rival with the most famous singers in a blink of an eye.

All he needs is a contract with the huge labeling company and a record deal that is going to take the parrot to the top of the charts. He is definitely unique, and though we believe that every bird is special, the one below is going to steal your heart. You will be amazed as soon as you witness him clearing his throat at the beginning of the video.

You can also think about the astonishment of the guests who come inside only to realize that the popular hits are belted out from the nearest room, and it is the parrot that is performing them regularly. Also, there are people who claim that the parrot’s voice is better than Billboard 100, and you may agree with the statement after you have watched the video right from the start.

The parrot has the stage manners of an expert performer, and he acts as if he knows all eyes are on him. He is also not afraid of the public attention, and with the video gaining more than two million views, we know the reason it is so popular.

Although it was posted several years ago, there are always fans of animal tapes that keep adding fuel to the fire and naming the parrot the most talented bird in the world, who deserves his own show and international recognition for his achievements. It is clear that the birdie is practicing daily, and his owners know that they can’t persuade him to take a break from his performance and leave the spotlight for a while.

The viewers suggest that the owner needs to teach the pet the basics of a cappella singing only to record the parrot’s voice afterward and play it before the judges on various talent competitions. If they cannot guess the name of the performer, then the birdie is announced a winner, and we think that this is a perfect plan for the vocalist below. He is so loud that he makes his owners record him on camera and share the tape with the fans!