Adorable Little Donkey Thinks He Is A Dog


Meet Tiny Tim. This little creature might look like a donkey, but he is unlike any other donkey you will ever come across. He was taken in by his new family after they discovered him in the barn. When they first found him, he was so small that his owner actually thought that he was a bunny rabbit. But once they got closer, they realized that he was a donkey. While most donkeys are born weighing at least 50 pounds, Tim was only 10 pounds at the time.

The concerned owners took the little one to the vet. They were told that his liver was not functioning properly. They thought he wouldn’t make it. However, his owners did everything in their power to take care of him. Their efforts paid off and Tim slowly started making progress. Now quite healthy, his owners wanted to let him back outside where he belonged. However, they realized it would be too risky since he is so small in size.

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