Angry Pedestrian Gives Rude Gestures To Driver


Those who believe in karma are always afraid to act in a certain way because you know, what goes around comes around. And more often than not, that’s usually the case. Hence we’re always told to treat others the way you want to be treated. But just in case you forget your manners, there’s always karma.

Something similar is shown in the video shared in this post, and it’s actually hilarious. You can see how an angry pedestrian, misbehaving with the person recording the video, gets his dose of daily karma instants after being rude to the driver.

The driver, who is recording using a dash cam, stops at a red light, allowing a pedestrian and his dog to cross the street. For some reason, the man crossing the road is instantly annoyed with the driver and begins to throw rude gestures the driver’s way. That’s when karma decides to kick in.

If you take a look closely, the pedestrian was walking within the lines of the crosswalk but then walks outside of the path to get closer to the car. As he walks on, he’s still rudely looking/making gestures to the driver, and doesn’t notice that there’s a huge light post planted on the other end of the crosswalk.

So how did he come to know of the metal post? By walking right into it; this also gives the driver a good laugh, who had done nothing wrong but still harassed by the pedestrian.

Watch the video below to see the entire scenario unfold. Don’t forget to like and share the post with your friends and family in order to give everyone a good laugh!